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CNN brutally mocked for ‘reporting’ at scene of ‘giant Trump blimp’ that turned out to be not-so-giant after all

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All the hype over the giant “Trump baby” blimp slated to fly over London protests turned out to be ‘fake news.’

And CNN reporting from the scene with live updates scored more mockery for the network already deemed to be full of hot (anti-Trump) air.

“The infamous Trump baby balloon has taken to the skies,” CNN announced as correspondent Nick Patton Walsh gave “the latest” developments.

Walsh admitted there were “obviously not many major, stunning developments,” on the balloon which was flying about 30 feet in the air.

The riveting bit of journalism earned plenty of commentary for CNN, which already had its share of ridicule after President Trump refused to take a question from Jim Acosta during a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Probably the only real development for many was the fact that the much-hyped blimp was not a blimp at all.

Seems the left will never learn, but the rest of us will have fun watching Trump own them without even trying.

Frieda Powers


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