‘I wish video was longer!’ Antifa tears fall on deaf ears when ICE protesters prove no match for fed officers

Radical left-wing protesters in Portland, Oregon, proved to be no match for federal officers determined to maintain law and order.

Militant extremists reportedly hurled rocks — and vulgar insults — as some tried to block a driveway at an U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. Federal police countered by hurling traditional tools of the trade, namely pepper spray and pepper balls, to restore order, according to KOIN.

**Warning for vulgar language.

Tensions boiled over and eight protesters were arrested after they tried to prevent a vehicle they believed was transporting an illegal immigrant from leaving the facility, KOIN reported.

When officers decided to engage, the inept protesters folded like a cheap lawn chair.


Naturally, the local media was on hand to give voice to those who defy the law — and help elicit sympathy for the open border crowd:

The Southwest Portland facility has been ground zero for protester for weeks, after occupiers shutdown the facility in response to the media-driven hysteria over illegal immigrant children being separated from arrested parents, the CBS affiliate noted.

The facility was eventually cleared by federal officers on June 28.

Protesters have remained camped near the facility — because camping is a common thing in the liberal city overrun with homeless people. One protester was arrested on Monday after allegedly assaulting two Federal Protective Service officers.

Because of politics, the City of Portland is doing little to assist the ICE facility, unless the feds call for assistance.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who was very critical of the Trump administration, has effectively isolated the federal facility, as seen in a series of recent tweets.

“If they are looking for a bailout from this mayor, they are looking in the wrong place,” Wheeler said in another tweet.

The mayor has reportedly given “strategic direction” to the Portland Police Bureau to stand down, according to Michael Cox, a spokesperson with Wheeler’s office.

“While the mayor can’t give tactical direction to the police bureau, he has given strategic direction,” Cox explained, according to The Portland Mercury. “His thinking is, ‘This is a federal agency on federal property with its own law enforcement agency, and we don’t need to get involved.'”

Beverly Hills Antifa posted the video with claiming the Feds had ‘no reason’ to arrest the protesters while simultaneously noting the group obstructed and failed to comply with officers.

Needless to say, Antifa didn’t garner much sympathy from Twitter users:

Tom Tillison


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