‘Beyond insulting!’ Shock and anger when Dem Rep. tells Peter Strzok he’s deserving of a Purple Heart

FBI agent Peter Strzok took a beating from Republican lawmakers anxious to expose bias to the degree where Strzok’s dealings with investigations involving Hillary Clinton and the Trump administration be declared null and void. Despite overwhelming evidence of Strzok’s flagrant arrogance and bias, Democrats cheered their new hero for his repeated denial throughout the hearing.

But, Tenn Rep. Steve Cohen took his admiration for Strzok way too far when he said the disgraced FBI agent deserved a “Purple Heart.”

Strzok repeatedly denied that his deep hatred for Donald Trump (that is well documented among tens of thousands of damning texts) played a part in his ability to perform his job objectivity.

House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte got the ball rolling on Thursday by letting Strzok know he wasn’t above the law. And Trey Gowdy was relentless in his pursuit for truth as he grilled Strzok up one side and down the other.

Supporters of our military, and of truth in general, were not about to let Cohen’s comment slide. Several called for an apology and his resignation as they let him have it:




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