Fmr basketball star posts heartbreaking video before suicide to help others in pain: ‘I am sorry, Lord’

Former UCLA basketball player William “Billy” Knight was found dead on a roadway in Phoenix on Sunday after posting a chilling YouTube video saying “this is probably my last message on Earth.”

Knight’s body was found near the downtown area and Phoenix police said there was no evidence of foul play, Fox News reported.

“I just want to say that I lived a life of sin,” an emotional Knight says in the video. “I lied. I cheated. And I stole… from many people. I was a taker, and that’s why my life ended up where it is now.”

***Caution: Emotionally disturbing content.

The troubled man referenced mental illness, saying that he heard voices in his head “constantly” and didn’t know where they came from.

“I isolated myself from my family members. I isolated myself from my friends,” he said. “And that’s not something you should do. If this happens, you probably have a mental illness.”

If there’s a positive to be taken from such a tragic death, it’s that Knight wanted to use his own pain to help others, as he explained why he wanted the heartbreaking video to be seen.

“Mental illness is serious,” Knight said. “I just want to help somebody out there who is feeling like me, maybe an ex-athlete, maybe someone who is changing jobs. I just want to at least help them out by at least putting this on YouTube.”

The former player said that he never tried to get help with his problems, even though people encouraged him to. He cautioned others to learn from his mistake.

“If you’re feeling like this, please get help… don’t let this linger on. Mental illness is serious.”

He spoke about his religious beliefs, saying he grew up with Jesus Christ, “He’s my Lord and Savior, and I veered off.”

‘I just feel like I didn’t belong here on Earth… so my time is up,” Knight continued. “I couldn’t obey the law. I couldn’t fit in society. So now I will take my chances. Either I will be in heaven or I will be in hell. Or be in limbo, I don’t know.”

He becomes very emotional as speaks about his brother, Eric, at the end of the video, telling his brother how much he loved him and that he was leaving him a few things.

“I’m sorry, Lord,” are his final words.

There has been no official cause of death announced, but if you’re feeling the same hopelessness Knight spoke about, please call the The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


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