Elderly Hispanic man beaten with brick blamed on white pro-Trumpers. Nevermind that the perp is …

The anti-Trump left and their media allies seized on the story of an elderly Hispanic man being beaten with a brick and told to go back to Mexico, as if the incident was a sign of life in America because of President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal immigration.

The Washington Post reported that Rodolfo Rodriguez, 91, a permanent resident, was attacked with a brick and taken to the hospital with a broken cheekbone and broken ribs.

The paper also cited a Department of Justice report to say that there was “an uptick of more than 17 percent” in hate crimes since Trump took office, with “anti-Hispanic and anti-Latino crimes soaring over 50 percent last year.”

But WaPo was hesitant to inform readers Rodriguez was beaten by a black woman, the tidbit of information coming well after the lede.

The attacker is seen below, as seen on social media.

This hesitancy a peculiarity based on other incidents where The Post included the race of subject in the headline, as noted by The Daily Caller.

“Commit a hate crime while black — race is buried in the fourth paragraph. Call police while white — race is in the headline,” the Daily Caller tweeted.

Among the deranged Trump-hating zealots who blamed Trump for the crime was Cher, who tweeted that “You Take Ur Life In Ur HANDS” if you’re not white and go walking in America.

Expect a delete posthaste once the unhinged liberal boob realizes her stupidity. Or not.

Cher had good company, though, being joined by a member of Congress — Democrat, of course.

Washington State Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal tweeted: “These are the real and tragic consequences of Trump’s vile and racist rhetoric: A 91-year old man beaten and bloodied with a brick.”

And on and on it went:

On a positive note, the suspect, Laquisha Jones, a 30 years-old black resident of Los Angeles has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and is now being held in lieu of $200,000 bail, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

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