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Women’s March forgets to add name to pre-written press release, condemns ‘XX’ as Trump’s SCOTUS pick

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The folks at the Women’s March, just like other liberals, have been poised for weeks, ready to attack President Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice.

Unfortunately for them, a statement condemning the president’s pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy was written before Trump even made his announcement Monday night.

(Image: screenshot)

Fox News reporter Alex Pappas shared a screenshot of the embarrassing press release slamming Trump’s “extremist” nominee, complete with the unfilled box waiting to have the name inserted.

Another fine example of the left’s thinking process.

Not long after, it appears the Women’s March folks caught the blunder and filled in the blank with Trump’s pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

But not before the “XX” mistake lit up the internet.

But filling in the blank seems to be what most of the left have already been doing in anticipation of the president’s named appointee, drawing battle lines in preparation to block anyone nominated.

ABC’s Nightline showed their glaring media bias when they announced at hours before Trump’s scheduled 9 PM announcement that they  would be reporting on the “controversial Supreme Court Justice pick.”

A “correction” was issued a short time later to clarify the wording of the original tweet.

With the nomination of Kavanaugh, the liberal meltdown and protest show has only just begun. Time to grab the popcorn.

Frieda Powers


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