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Joy Reid’s guest shows real maturity: Trump is unfit to serve because he hired ‘cousin-dater’

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On Sunday, July 8, 2018, with little fanfare, the left officially jumped the shark in it’s deranged opposition to President Donald Trump — that this occurred on “AM Joy” is  only fitting.

Host Joy Reid’s guest, Tiffany Cross, co-founder and managing editor of The Beat DC, said that Trump was “ill-equipped” to be president because he hired a “cousin-dater” — which was a reference to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“The fact that Donald Trump has chosen this cousin-dater to lead his entire legal defense team shows how ill-equipped this man is to be at the helm of the United States,” Cross said, proud of herself for having entertained Reid so thoroughly.

Giuliani’s first wife, Regina Peruggi, was his second cousin.

As blogger Mark Finkelstein noted, Cross apparently sees this as not only grounds for mockery, but a disqualifying characteristic.

“Can you imagine if a guest on Joy Reid’s show mocked Mohammed for having married a [first] cousin?” Finkelstein wrote. “Or proposed a ban on immigration by Pakistani Muslims because over 50% of them marry first cousins, something that has caused serious health problems for their children?”

He accurately points out that Reid “would surely have shut such a person down,” as she has a habit of doing when a guest says things she finds objectionable.

“But a guest claims Trump is unfit to lead because he hired someone who married his second cousin, and Reid is amused?” Finkelstein added. “The double-standard is glaring.”

But then, when it comes to Trump, the left is nothing if not consistent in its personal attacks, as seen when late night comedian Bill Maher, who fancies himself a serious member of the resistance, attacked the president’s manhood.

“Honestly, doesn’t everything about this man just scream microd*ck? You know, the bragging, and the buildings with my name on it!” Maher once said.

He went on to suggest that Trump “has never once brought a woman to orgasm,” as if that was any of Maher’s business or pertinent to politics.

Tom Tillison


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