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‘I can’t believe it’: Joe Piscopo weighs in on what James Woods’ liberal agent did to him

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Comedian Joe Piscopo appeared Saturday on Fox News with Neil Cavuto to weigh in on conservative actor James Woods being dropped by his agent via email in the 4th of July.

“I can’t believe it,” Piscopo told host Cavuto. “It’s inexcusable. James Woods is a great guy.”

“I can’t figure it out,” the conservative comedian replied when asked why the agent would drop Woods, adding that he may have been seeking publicity for himself.

He said the left is worse than the right, but that both sides have become intolerant of the others’ political views. Piscopo pointed to his appearance at the New Jersey Hall of Fame this year to say he was surrounded by liberals, to include Whoopi Goldberg, but that they all had a great time.

“People have got to stop!” he said of the hyper-partisanship.

“And the agent, to do that to James Woods… James Woods said some riveting, very very true things on Twitter and maybe that offended the agent. Inexcusable,” Piscopo added.

Caputo accurately compared the state of politics in America to professional wrestling or Kabuki theater.

But when asked how he got along so well with Hollywood liberals, Piscopo made it clear that it can be very frustrating if you show any support for the president.

“If you saying anything marginally nice about Donald J. Trump, they will come after you a little bit,” he said. “And it’s very, very frustrating. Because all we want is what’s great for America.”

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