Bodycam captures protesters behaving like violent maniacs at anti-ICE rally. Who’s going to vote for this?

Though millions of Americans spent last Wednesday celebrating Independence Day with their loved ones, some Americans instead spent it acting like violent hooligans.

Some liberal Americans, in particular, marched through downtown Atlanta late Wednesday evening to protest U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which they believe should be abolished. But instead of marching peacefully like normal people, these leftists acted like thugs.

“After repeatedly ignoring officers’ requests to stay on the sidewalk during their protest, these individuals chose to become violent and scuffle with and obstruct officers attempting to make arrests,” an Atlanta Police Department spokesperson said in a statement.

“To be clear, these are not lawful protestors expressing their freedom to assemble peaceably,” the statement continued. “This group is comprised of anti-police anarchists who immediately become violent when asked to comply with the law.”

Body camera footage captured some of these left-wing agitators’ outrageous behavior. Watch, but make sure you turn the volume down first and be aware of bad language coming:

“How the f–k do you live with yourself, you f–king piece of shit!” one female protester repeatedly shouted at the cops as they they tried to urge her and her friends along.

To answer her question, the cops live with themselves quite easily. Why? Because they’re grown, mature adults who’ve paid their dues, who live responsible lives and who respect the rule of law. Can she same the same about herself? It doesn’t seem likely.

Keep in mind that every one of these activists will most likely vote for Democrats come November. That’s because they are the Democrat base in its full glory.

They’re all anti-ICE, anti-Trump, anti-borders, anti-books, anti-everything zealots who think assault, harassment and vandalism are perfectly accept when dealing with either the police, government officials or anyone who supports the president.

The funny thing is they really believe this strategy will deliver them concrete results come the November midterm elections. But who in their right minds would vote for a party that, besides constantly promoting bad behavior, doesn’t believe in the most basic facts?

This is after all the same party that a 28-year-old socialist with limited real world experience and a proven habit of lying represents the “future.”

Here’s a hint: If Little Miss Socialist and the nut job protesters above represent the “future” of the Democrat Party, then the Democrat Party ain’t got a future, period!

Vivek Saxena


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