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Intolerant libs shun gay man who started movement to leave Dem Party from store – and prove him right

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One would think when a gay hairdresser from New York is refused service at a local camera shop because of his views, liberals would be up in arms.

But when those views are opposed to what the Democrat Party seems to stand for, the left is deafeningly silent.

(Image: Twitter)

Brandon Straka was refused service in a New York camera store on Thursday when he was recognized from a video of the #WalkAway campaign he launched last month, a movement to abandon liberalism and the Democratic Party.

The hairdresser has struck a nerve with his campaign and Democrats have been announcing their departure from the party in droves, using the #WalkAway hashtag to share personal testimonies on social media.

The hatred, divisiveness and intolerance on the left drove Straka, who admitted he was “crying for weeks” over the election of President Donald Trump, to be done with the “identity politics, the PC culture” which have “become more and more oppressive,” he told Michelle Makori at i24 News.

Straka explained how he made the decision to “walk away” from the party after the media bias against Trump and the Democrats’ support of it was exposed.

“They were manipulating our fears to get us to vote the way they wanted us to vote,” he said.

Straka’s experience at the camera store sparked reactions on Twitter, with many contending this is exactly the behavior by the “tolerant” left that is causing the Democratic exodus.

Straka reassured his Twitter followers that what happened to him would not prevent him from moving forward.

And plenty of others are welcoming him to the other side.

Frieda Powers


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