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Seriously? MSNBC guest warns Trump’s SCOTUS pick could put women in jail for having a miscarriage

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MSNBC continues to be a network where the radical left can appear and espouse the most outlandish hyperbole imaginable — forget about being challenged, the zealots are actually encouraged — such as the claim women will soon be arrested for having miscarriages.

Dorothy Roberts, a Harvard educated social justice warrior who fancies herself a pioneer in the reproductive justice movement — see abortion — appeared on MSNBC this week to warn that President Trump’s eventual pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will “criminalize” women.

Roberts tweeted on Tuesday that there’s already criminalization of pregnant women for harming a fetus.

“This began in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s, when black women primarily were being prosecuted for drug use during pregnancy,” she explained to host Ali Velshi. “Women were thrown in jail right after giving birth, and that has exacerbated recently with states passing fetal protection laws, and prosecutors already putting women in jail for stillbirths, for miscarriages and for botched apportions.”

“So already women have been imprisoned for harming a fetus,” she continued. “And abortion is — it’s a very thin line between putting a woman in prison for a stillbirth or a miscarriage that she’s blamed for, for something she did during her pregnancy, and criminalizing abortions.”

The earlier tweet from Roberts on the impact of a Trump nominee is seen here:

“It is absolutely realistic to predict that women will be prosecuted and imprisoned for having abortions,” she insisted in the tweet. “Women have already been locked up for miscarriages and stillbirths, starting with women of color. These ways of criminalizing pregnant women are all related. #ReproJustice.”

The reaction on social media was short and to the point, calling the fear mongering from the left what it is.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses from Twitter:


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