C’mon! Clueless leftists protest ICE officials as they try to bust up a child sex trafficking ring

Liberal protesters in California scrambled to protest as they believed ICE agents were making an immigration raid on neighbors.

They gathered outside of an Oakland home Tuesday where Homeland Security officials were actually executing a federal criminal search warrant in connection with a child sex trafficking ring.


The protesters wrote “OPD is a disgrace” in chalk on the sidewalk, slamming the Oakland Police Department and declaring “we love our neighbors” with an oversized banner.

Clueless young liberals speaking with KPIX-TV admitted that although they didn’t know the details of what the federal agents were doing, the fact that they saw “a bunch of cop cars, a bunch of other cars that are apparently ICE cars,” was alarming given that there are “a lot of injustices going on.”

Meanwhile, the “injustices” suffered by children allegedly being trafficked for sex is being dwarfed by the left’s virtue signalling.

“Ice is not welcome in this country,” another neighbor proclaimed. “I don’t support what they do.”

Perhaps someone needed to explain to him the absurdity of his comment in light of the bust of a potential child sex ring in his own neighborhood.

“We’re really calling on the community to say that this is not okay, we’re gonna fight back,” neighbor Hadar Cohen said, holding a sign saying “No person is illegal.”

“We’re not gonna let people just disappear like this,” she added.

Oakland Police confirmed to KPIX that “this was in fact a federal criminal search warrant executed in connection with human sex trafficking of juveniles right here in the 700 block of 27th street,” reporter Neda Iranpour shared.

The ridiculous knee-jerk reactions of the left, especially as law enforcement was in the process of doing their job of rescuing human trafficking victims, were mocked and lambasted on Twitter.

Meanwhile, ICE officials are on a nationwide manhunt for illegals accused of heinous crimes against two young sisters. Perhaps, angry leftists will protest that too?

Frieda Powers


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