Fun dad invents bumpy roller coaster with laundry basket. Watch bundle of cuteness squeal with joy.

A very inventive father received screams of joy from his adorable little girl when he created a rollercoaster ride out of nothing more than a clothes basket and television set.

Still too young to ride the real thing, dad loaded up his little girl named ‘Kayla’ in the makeshift coaster ride and mimicked the ride’s movement with his knees, much to the delight of his  toddler.


The ride continues to curve around corners and dad doesn’t miss a beat as he swerves the basket along with the ride. The girl, full of fantasy that it’s real, grips the basket and screams “be careful dad!”

One thing is for sure, this little bundle of cuteness will be well prepared for the day she is old enough to ride her first real roller coaster.

The video, posted to YouTube earlier this week, has already received more than 60,000 views.


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