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Facebook reverses ‘censorship’ of ‘political’ patriotic song ‘I Stand for the Flag’ in time for July 4th

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A country band is claiming censorship by Facebook over a patriotic song the social media platform did not allow to be promoted.

A request by the Wes Cook band to promote a new video using Facebook’s paid promotion tools was initially approved but later rejected, Fox News reported.

Facebook cited the “political content” of the video for “I Stand for the Flag,” according to the Nashville-based  group, which has played international military tours and opened for other bands such as Randy Houser, Kip Moore and Charlie Daniels.

By Tuesday, Facebook told Fox News that the decision was overturned.

“We recently announced anyone running ads about political or other major national issues must include a ‘paid for’ label,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “After looking again, we determined that this ad doesn’t need that label. While this is a new policy, and while we won’t ever be perfect, we think knowing who is behind an ad is important, and we’ll continue to work on improving as we roll it out.”

Facebook has been under scrutiny for the handling of its advertising platform and criticized recently for mistakenly rejecting nonpolitical ads from restaurants and hair salons.

According to Fox News:

In an attempt to boost transparency and security, Facebook recently introduced an authorization process whereby people involved in running ads with political content are required to confirm their identities and location as well as enabling 2-factor authentication for account protection.


With lyrics like,  “Don’t care if you’re black or white or who you love, I stand for the Flag and the Flag stands for all of us,” Wes Cook contends the band’s song is about patriotism, not politics.

“Our song bleeds unity and love of country. It doesn’t see race, color, religion, or political affiliation,” he told Fox News.

“‘I Stand for the Flag’ means I am thankful for the freedoms and opportunities this country gives all citizens, and shows how dependent we all are on each other for the success of our individual American Dream,” he explained. “I believe patriotism is not political.”

Frieda Powers


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