Journo’s aghast when official WH Twitter calls out Senators, don’t want to play ‘remember when Obama did it’

In their never ending quest to besmirch the Trump presidency, the liberal media seized on tweets from the official White House Twitter account targeting Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, who are leading the left’s push to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

But journalists quick to complain about whether it’s ethical to use the White House social media platform for such purposes have a short memory — or are still working to protect former President Barack Obama in their shortsightedness.

With the left wanting to do away with the agency tasked with enforcing immigration laws in America, the White House tweets suggested the Democrats don’t know what ICE really does, which involves stemming the flow of drugs and weapons across the southern border and even taking on the violent MS-13 gang.

Adding to the angst of pearl-clothing liberal journalists like NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, is that Warren and Harris are potential contenders for Trump in the 2020 election.

Mitchell even cited the regulation she’s convinced the Trump White House violated:

All of which makes you wonder where was this crack journalist in July 2015 when the Obama White House went after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, for wanting to repeal Obamacare.

Not that this oversight escaped the attention of eagle-eyed social media user Chet Cannon.

But then, the left is nothing if not consistent in their rank hypocrisy.

Here’s a sampling of more manufactured outrage from the Trump Derangement Syndrome media crowd:

Mike Cernovich, an attorney and independent journalist, ripped Andrea Mitchell for peddling “fake news,” noting that the passage she cited is a lobbying regulation and has nothing to do with social media.

Cernovich also called out other journalists who conveniently look the other way over Mitchell’s transgression.

“This is fake news spread by top NBC reporters, and the rest of the media looks the other way,” he tweeted.

Another attorney, Gabriel Malor, a contributor to The Federalist and Washington Examiner, also weighed in, going so far as to call Mitchell a “lying reporter.”

Malor then noted the obvious: “Her readers are even more ignorant for following her than if they’d never heard of this law.”

Tom Tillison


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