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Protesters exposed: They’re not about helping kids. ‘It’s about hating America and hating Trump’

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Charlie Kirk exposed immigration activists protesting in Chicago as being more about hating America and President Trump than helping resolve an issue.

“There’s a lot of anger and outrage out there and what I realized is that these protests were much more about hating Trump than actually helping children or even actually trying to solve an immigration protest,” Kirk told  Ed Henry and Dean Cain on “Fox & Friends” Sunday.

The executive director and founder of Turning point USA attended an ICE protest in Arlington Heights on Saturday, capturing scenes and short interviews with activists in a video he posted.

“The emotions were high at the event” which saw the majority of attendees being “of white descent,” he wrote for Turning Point USA, adding that “85% of the people in attendance” had something negative to say about Trump “and some compared his administration to the Third Reich. Most were also open to allowing any and all into the country.”

Kirk told the “Fox & Friends” hosts that demonstrators in Chicago are similar to the types of protesters “marching in the women’s March and the gun control March because the left they have gone all in” and are “horrified that Trump actually might succeed.”

“In fact, that is a threat to their political future. They’re in the worst place as a party they’ve been since 1920s,” Kirk continued. “They have to find these very emotional, divisive political issues that unfortunately pull on the heartstrings of America that are being misrepresented by the media.”

After playing some footage from Kirk’s Chicago protest video, Henry noted how “the left’s anger just keeps boiling.”

“I call it the outrage Olympics. They are almost trying to outdo themselves of how angry they are,” Kirk agreed.

“Look they’re losing. I would be upset too if I no longer controlled the Supreme Court, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the economy was booming, peace was on the horizon, a president you thought was going to do horribly is actually succeeding historically and is on the up-tick. I would also be pretty outraged,”  Kirk said.

“But instead they should convert that outrage into some sort of reconciliation or path forward instead of trying to demagogue the most successful president of our lifetime,” he added.

Kirk noted that the protesters he encountered in the suburbs of Chicago – who were different than those in the “streets of Chicago,” were just “very upset people that thought they were on the virtuous, righteous side of this argument when in reality they were lacking facts.”

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