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‘Conservatives weaponized the First Amendment,’ says NY Times news headline … on the front page

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A New York Times reporter has accused conservatives of “weaponizing” the First Amendment in an article presented on the front page of the newspaper.

Sunday’s edition of the Times featured a piece by Adam Liptak titled “How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment” which, while it clearly spewed the reporter’s opinion, was not marked as such by the publication.

Conservatives have allegedly used free speech to justify “discrimination against gay couples” and “unlimited campaign spending,” according to Liptak who is clearly bothered by conservatives winning Supreme Court cases on First Amendment grounds.

“Some liberals now say that free speech disproportionately protects the powerful and the status quo,” Liptak asserted, further claiming that conservatives are only now championing free speech because it supports their policy goals.

The article’s obvious viewpoint, not marked by the Times as an op-ed, raised many eyebrows.

Frieda Powers


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