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CNN’s Brian Stelter’s attempt to get a Capital Gazette reporter to blame Trump for shooting results in shame

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CNN’s anti-Trump bias was blatantly on display in a recent interview with an employee of the Capital Gazette.

Brian Stelter bluntly asked Joshua McKerrow, a photojournalist at the Maryland newspaper where five people were killed in a mass shooting last week, whether it was “just an isolated incident” or the product of “anti-media rhetoric.”

Jarrod Ramos opened fire in the newspaper’s Annapolis office after nursing a vendetta against employees that had festered for years following an article written about him in a criminal harassment charge by a former classmate whom he was accused of stalking.

Though Ramos’ hatred predated President Trump even entering the political scene, CNN’s Stelter pressed McKerrow to link the tragic shooting to “louder and more dangerous” rhetoric against the media, presumably attributable to Trump.

“Joshua, do you feel this was just an isolated incident? A suspect with a grudge against the paper? Or do you think there’s something about anti-media rhetoric becoming louder and more dangerous?” Stelter asked during an interview on “Reliable Sources” Sunday, dragging the shooting survivor into his narrative.

“I think there have always been threats to newsrooms. It’s always been something you’ve known in the back of your mind,” McKerrow responded.  “It’s not for me to report whether the rhetoric has raised this or had anything to contribute with this. I don’t know the facts.”

“I know our job as a newspaper and journalists is to create empathy. That’s how I’ve always viewed my job. And I think we’re lacking that. We’re lacking — we’ve never talked and yelled at each other more than we do now. And yet we’re not — it’s not working. Nothing is sinking in,” he added.

McKerrow admitted that he now wants to “rededicate the rest of my career to helping to create more empathy and communication.”

“Because that’s where we’re missing. That’s where the shrill chaos seems to be winning. But it’s not winning and it’s not going to win,” he said, adding that America is not defined by Twitter, Facebook, or even newspapers.

The staff of the Capital Gazette released a statement Sunday thanking supporters and seeming to take a jab at Trump.

“We won’t forget being called an enemy of the people,” the staff wrote, according to The Hill. “No, we won’t forget that. Because exposing evil, shining light on wrongs and fighting injustice is what we do.”

McKerrow, however, did not mention the president by name or take the bait from Stelter to blame Trump for the shooting. He only emphasized the scope of the loss and that he planned to continue doing his job.

“It’s not even what we report. It’s us — we’re genuinely good people. And we need to get back to that. We need to get back to communicating that,” he told Stelter, emotionally. “I want to get back to reporting that. I’m still going to report on the crooked politicians and I’m still going to report on the criminals and I’m still going to do my job like we all are. But, you know, it’s also my job to report on the love and kindness, kindness in our community.”

“We are better than this,” McKerrow concluded.

Frieda Powers


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