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‘Tweet of the Year!’ NPR corrects Spanish translation flub that had jaws hitting floors

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Talk about a monumental blunder, NPR was forced to back away from a tweet that celebrated women running for office in Mexico over a mangled Spanish translation.

“We deleted this tweet due to the use of the incorrect Spanish phrase to say “the year of the woman.” The phrase is ‘el año de la mujer,'” the liberal media organization said in a correction.

And while NPR was a little coy about the reasoning behind the tweet being deleted, social media was more than willing to fill the gap.

Quite a difference, huh? And a good example of why the tilde matters!

Some social media users jumped on the colossal mistake to highlight the need for diversity in the newsroom, as in more Latinos:

Others just wanted to have some fun at the expense of the liberal organization:


Tom Tillison


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