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Jim Acosta shushed, shamed for interrupting WH ceremony to yell at president, sparks new ‘Dear Diary’ game

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Notorious CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, a “journalist” known more-so for acting like a jerk than reporting the news, managed to humiliate himself even more than usual at an event Friday at the White House.

The infamous CNN personality accomplished this ignominious feat by yelling questions at President Donald Trump during a ceremony designed to commemorate the six month anniversary of the GOP’s historic tax reform bill.

“Mr. President, will you stop calling us the enemy of the people, sir?” Acosta yelled once.

“Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people, sir?” he then yelled twice.

“Mr. President, will you stop calling us the enemy of the people, sir?” he finally yelled thrice.

Not only did one audience member turn around to tell Acosta to “shush,” but others in the room reportedly began clapping and whooping louder to drown out his voice.

Even some individuals affiliated with the liberal media took umbrage to Acosta’s latest antics.

“Truly an embarrassment, on multiple levels. Jim Acosta’s self-serving antics give all good journalists a bad name,” former CNN senior digital producer Steve Krakauer tweeted after the event.

“On a day journalists could honor the memory of fellow reporters tragically killed due to a deranged person with a vendetta going back years, Acosta tries to shift the blame to Trump, thus validating many Americans’ feelings about the Acela Media (that existed long before Trump).”

Acosta’s inappropriate questions stemmed from the false belief that Trump’s frequent criticism of the media had played a role in the mass shooting a day earlier at the offices of the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland.

Despite the shooter being outed as a lunatic with a longtime vendetta against the paper, some in the left-wing media continue to cling to the “it’s Trump’s fault” theory.

In response to Acosta’s hysteria at the White House event Friday, some on social media invented a new game called “Dear Diary.”

Check it out below:

Some might argue that the most honest “Dear Diary” entry for Jim Acosta would be one that reads, “Dear Diary, today I realized I’m not a reporter — I’m a partisan hack!”

Vivek Saxena


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