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Mitch McConnell heard you, Dems! His next SCOTUS announcement includes a ‘world class’ Obama troll

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Eyes were on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for more than just his remarks about the US Supreme Court vacancy.

McConnell doubled down Thursday on his promise to vote on a new Supreme Court justice to replace retiring Anthony Kennedy before the midterm elections. He also dismissed angry complaints by Democrats that he was flip-flopping on a procedure that was used in 2016 when Republicans blocked consideration of a President Obama pick ahead of the presidential election.

“This is not 2016,” the senator said. “These aren’t the final months of a second-term, constitutionally lame-duck presidency with a presidential election fast approaching. We’re right in the middle of this president’s very first term.”

But McConnell’s hard-hitting words were not the only thing grabbing attention. Keen eyes questioned whether the Majority Leader was actually trolling former President Obama.

But was McConnell’s burn intentional? Or was the “tan suit troll” a coincidence?

Obama’s choice to wear his “summer suit” in the uncharacteristic tan color caused a major social media distraction back in 2014.

McConnell addressed some of his subtle trolling with Fox News’ Shannon Bream on Thursday.

“Some interesting tweets from your Team Mitch Twitter account,” Bream noted. “Is this some world class trolling of folks not happy or not enjoying what’s happening at the Supreme Court this week?”

“I don’t know why the Democrats are so alarmed. They’ve already been unhappy with most of the decisions reached by the current supreme Court,” he replied.

McConnell’s warning to Democrats back in 2013 that they would regret their decision to destroy the filibuster and allow a simple majority in the Senate to be enough to confirm a judicial nominee enjoyed a second life on Twitter as his words came back to haunt Democrats.

So McConnell’s suit trolling could be another zinger by the Majority Leader as he celebrated the moment. Social media hailed him as a new “hero.”

Frieda Powers


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