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Harris Faulkner SHUTS DOWN ‘View’ host’s race-baiting grilling about FOX, elicits cheers from audience

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Fox News’ Harris Faulkner was not about to take the bait when questioned about the supposed lack of diversity on her employer’s network.

Appearing as a guest on “The View,” the anchor for “Outnumbered: Overtime” and co-host of “Outnumbered” pushed back against questions about her being the “only woman of color with her own daily show” on Fox News Channel.

“When I turn on Fox — and I do sometimes — and I see you,” co-host Sunny Hostin said Thursday,  “I feel like I’m looking at a unicorn.”

“It’s fascinating to me,” Hostin added, pointing out how Faulkner did not support Colin Kaepernick and others for their NFL kneeling protest during the national anthem, and how the Fox News anchor and her network have been criticized for coverage of issues that “affect the black community.”

“Do you get flak from the black community and for being the only black woman on Fox News?” Hostin questioned.

Faulkner was ready with her response, delivered with complete class.

“You have been in that environment so you know, and you have been in broadcast for a long time, and we have talked at other points. I get flak from everybody,” she replied. “Which is how I know I’m living my truth.”

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But this is “The View,” and there is a narrative to push.

“Do you feel responsible to the black community?” Hostin pressed.

I feel responsible to everyone,” Faulkner answered (emphasis added), drawing applause from the audience. But she wasn’t backing down, coming up with an observation of her own.

“I know you say the only one on Fox,” she said to Hostin. “But where is MSNBC’s? Where is CNN’s? I think HLN, and that’s new.”


Faulkner’s question deserved an answer but liberals are not about the facts or self-awareness. Hostin singled out Faulkner as the only daily host on Fox News Channel who is a woman of color, but had no answer for why MSNBC or CNN don’t have even one woman of color hosting daily shows – but do have men.

Frieda Powers


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