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Trump is not king! Elizabeth Warren dials up the drama in priceless call-to-action vid over Kennedy retirement

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is on the warpath over the announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The Democrat is declaring women’s health — see abortion — equal marriage and civil rights are all at risk, declaring: “This is the fight of our lives.”

“Donald Trump has the opportunity to remake the Supreme Court for a generation,” Warren bemoans. “A woman’s right to decisions over her own body are at risk.”

“But look, nobody appointed Donald Trump king,” she continues. “Nobody makes it to the Supreme Court without going through the United States Senate.”

She then calls on Republican lawmakers to join with liberal Democrats to “turn back an extremist nominee from Donald Trump.”

Note the left has already labeled the president’s pick “extremist” and Trump has yet to even select anyone.

Warren can than “Dingy” Harry Reid for only 51 votes needed to confirm a nominee, and with only 47 Democrats in the Senate, plus two Independents, she knows their only hope is if a Republican crosses the aisle to join their obstructionist efforts.

Well, that and this pipe dream:

Unfortunately for the progressive left, there is this thing called the rule of law that will allow Trump to not only submit a nominee, but be assured the GOP-controlled Senate will vote on the selection.

A realty social media user already know… here’s a sampling of other reactions from Twitter.

Tom Tillison


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