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Inconsolable Juan Williams accuses GOP of ‘selling their souls’ to get conservative SCOTUS justices

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Left-wing Fox News contributor Juan Williams accused the GOP of “selling their souls” in order to get conservative justices appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“I think Republicans sold their souls on Trump,” Williams said on The Five. “The justification [to support Trump] was that ‘we can have a Supreme Court appointment.’ The guy who deserves all the credit for that is Mitch McConnell, of course, the Senate majority leader, who denied a hearing for about a year to Merrick Garland, a Democrat. So much for civility and rules of order.”


Williams said he’s concerned that if the Supreme Court gets stacked with conservative judges under President Trump, partisanship could influence judicial rulings.

Earth to Juan: You mean like when the liberal SCOTUS judges ruled against Trump’s “travel ban” (which was upheld 5-to-4, when it should have been 9-0) even though the U.S. President has the Constitutional authority to institute travel bans to protect national security?


Williams said: “Even though I certainly disagree with [Justice Kennedy] on things like voting rights, he was seen as an open-minded person who could go either way. What we have now is the potential for a Trump nominee who basically locks us into the partisan paralysis we see in Congress on the Supreme Court.”

The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld called Williams’ “selling-their-souls” argument ridiculous, and emotionally-driven rather than rational.

“Trump beat the competition,” Gutfeld said. “When that happened, people had to decide whether they were going to [support] the Republican nominee because anything would be better than Hillary. That’s not ‘selling your souls.’ That’s making a pragmatic decision.”

Gutfeld said he’s enjoying watching the emotional meltdowns on the left (like Juan’s).




Williams responded by saying he’s worried that Americans could lose faith in the fairness of the highest court in the land.

You mean like how the public lost faith in the fairness of the Trump-hating upper echelons of the FBI, which tried to keep Trump from getting elected and then vowed to undermine him after he took office?

Note to Juan: The American public has already lost faith in the anti-conservative mainstream media due to their nonstop stream of “fake-news” lies designed to undermine a sitting U.S. president rather than objectively report the news.

Juan Williams is mirroring the irrational meltdowns of the DNC, whose reactions to Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement were caught on audio tape.


Williams, an outspoken liberal and staunch defender of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, is acting like he’s totally unbiased in his daily Trump-bashing and shocking defense of liberals like actor Peter Fonda, who called for 12-year-old Barron Trump to be raped by pedophiles.

Fonda also called for the women in the Trump administration to be stripped naked and beaten, and for those women and ICE agents to have their kids kidnapped and thrown into cages with pedophiles.

To Juan Williams, those kinds of violent, disturbing threats are perfectly okay.

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