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Two more FBI lovebirds on Hillary’s case text ‘F-Trump’, call his supporters ‘retarded,’ vow to ‘quit on the spot’ if he wins

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** Editor’s note: Fox News corrected its story to show original reporting story incorrectly identified the FBI employee referred to as “Agent 5.” This post as been updated to reflect the corrections.

There may not have been much love for President Donald Trump in the FBI under former director James Comey, but there was plenty of romance in the halls of justice.

In addition to lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, there was another romance going on between the FBI agents identified as “Agent 1″ and “Agent 5” in the Department of Justice  inspector general’s report.

The report that “did not find any evidence of political bias” impacting investigations.

“Agent 5” and “Agent 1” were involved in a romantic relationship that pre-dated the Hillary Clinton private email server probe, according to Fox News — they have since married, according to the IG report.

And these two agents also liked to text.

As seen in the inspector general’s report, “Agent 5” texted “f**k Trump,” called his supporters “retarded” and vowed to quit “on the spot” if Trump won the election.

The agents used “sick face” emoticons to express contempt for then-candidate Trump and his supporters.

Here’s a sampling of their exchanges:

And on the day of the 2016 presidential election, not that they are biased or anything.

Making the text exchanges all the worse is that while the IG report noted that Agent 1 and Agent 5 were not part of the FBI’s Russia investigation or the special counsel investigation, but Agent 1 was one of the two agents who interviewed Clinton at FBI headquarters on July 2, 2016, about her use of a private email server, Fox News reported.

You know, the interview where Clinton was not placed under oath and there was no video recording or written transcript of what was said.

Not only did the husband take part in the interview, the agent boasted about it while calling Clinton “the President.”

More from Fox News:

On July 6, Agent 1 texted yet another FBI employee: “…I’m done interviewing the President — then type the 302.  18 hour day….”

FBI Employee: “you interviewed the president?”

Agent 1: “You know — HRC” (Hillary Rodham Clinton)

Agent 1: “future pres” … “Trump can’t win” … “demographics dont line up.”… “America has changed”


Not to worry, Agent 5 told the inspector general’s office that “in no way” did their political bias “interfere with us doing our job as professionals” when asked to respond to someone concluding that the expressed opinions may have impacted the Clinton investigation.

“Well, I can see someone who doesn’t know us at all saying the same, wondering, I guess, if [our political beliefs] could have impacted [the Midyear investigation]. I can tell you in no way did my political or what I understand of [Agent 1], no political anything is going to interfere with us doing our job as professionals.  I can see me going into these rants,” the agent responded.

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