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Comedian Tracy Ullman’s ‘Overly-Woke Support Group’ sketch will have you rolling on the floor

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Comedian Tracy Ullman pokes fun at today’s Millennials who are “too woke” to have any fun in a video parody that hits all the right notes.

The satirical jab at the way-too-politically-correct generation is irresistible viewing in the BBC comedy series, “Tracey Breaks the News,”

The scene opens in a support-group type setting in the video for “The Overly-Woke Support Group.”

New member Oscar shared with the group how it began for him, “signing an online petition, going to a march.”

“Before I knew it I was writing to The Guardian about LGBT representation in the Harry Potter books,” he explained to sympathetic nods and Ullman’s assurance that he has come to the right place.

“All of the young people in this room are ruining their lives by being overly virtuous,” she explained, as another member interrupted to say that the term “young people” is a microaggression to the elderly, triggering someone named Libby to argue that he’s not “giving agency to the elderly, which is worse.”

She continued to explain the dangers of “wokeness” to the group.

“One minute you’re carrying your reusable water bottle,” she explains, “the next minute you’re arguing that the water is racist,” she said, triggering Osacr who asked if water actually is racist.

“No of course not,” she said, “it’s just an example.”

The clip concluded with Ullman’s character telling the group, “you can’t go through your twenties worrying about every aspect of everything.”

“You have to pick your battles,” she said, finally shocking them with a dose of reality. “By the time you hit your thirties, most of you are going to be massively right-wing anyway.”

That may have left the young Millennials speechless, but there was plenty of reaction on Twitter where viewers pointed out that the clip is “funny because it’s true.”

Frieda Powers


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