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‘Little Fascist’ John Legend ripped apart for offering Trump admin a ‘deal’ that sounds more like a threat

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Singer John Legend offered his unasked-for advice on how to deal with some of the recent issues dividing the nation.

Legend smugly offered a “deal” with President Trump’s administration in the wake of the immigration controversy over family separations at the U.S. border and disrespectful treatment of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders by a Virginia restaurant.

The actor and songwriter tweeted out his “deal” on Monday, offering to let Trump administration officials “eat wherever the f–k you want” if migrant families who have been separated by the zero-tolerance immigration policy are “immediately” reunited.

Legend’s “let’s make a deal” approach comes on the heels of a contentious few weeks as the rhetoric on both sides of the political aisle have ramped up. Tensions are at a boiling point as unhinged leftists have harassed Sanders and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as they attempted to eat out, have seen Hollywood actors call for frightening actions against Trump’s young son Barron and even a Democratic congresswoman calling on her supporters to openly harass members of Trump’s cabinet “wherever” they are.

Of course, for liberal celebrities like Legend, the obvious is not often so – well, obvious.

Twitter users quickly schooled the singer.

Frieda Powers


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