Joe Scarborough calls Trump supporters ‘precious snowflakes’ in defense of Maxine Waters

DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough opened Tuesday’s show by calling Trump supporters “precious snowflakes,” while trying to defend Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California.


Scarborough ran a clip of President Donald Trump taking shots at the press and his liberal detractors, before calling out his advocates for being overly sensitive.

“Yesterday we saw supporters of the White House and others — supporters of Donald Trump melt like precious snowflakes in the Arizona sun,” Scarborough said. “Because Maxine Waters said some things that I thought were very regrettable and she shouldn’t have said. But you can look at that and of course you can say, well, wait, is she really inciting violence because that’s what a lot of people on Twitter were saying she was doing.”

Scarborough called Trump’s response to Waters an “incitement of violence” and lamented how fragile his supporters become when he is criticized.

“I do wonder how relatives of mine and friends of mine will melt like the biggest and most precious snowflake in the desert sun over something that someone might say against Donald Trump or against some of Donald Trump’s people,” he concluded.

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