The aftermath of Brian Stelter’s heated, hostile Beck interview … it gets much worse for one of them

If CNN’s Brian Stelter was hoping for sympathy or support following Glenn Beck’s scathing interview, he’ll be sorely disappointed.

Stelter took to Twitter after Beck’s comments and his explosive exit during a live interview after the CNN host pivoted from talk of the immigration crisis at the border to that of Beck’s struggling media company.

(Image: screenshot)

“This is all about ratings!” Beck told Stelter in discussing the issue of migrant children and the deportation of illegal immigrants. “Stop dividing us.”

But Stelter’s tweet opened a Pandora’s box of questions about the hypocrisy Beck was pointing out as the liberal media blindly ignored the same border issues for eight years when former President Obama was in office.

A former never-Trumper who endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, Beck recently announced he will be voting for Trump in 2020.

“The media is so blind. I couldn’t take any more of it on CNN and Reliable Sources,” Beck tweeted after walking out of the CNN interview.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza needed to get his two cents in and responded to Stelter’s tweet.

He totally set himself up for the backlash.

Meanwhile, Stelter’s attempt to whine about Beck only amounted to a case of spitting in the wind.

Frieda Powers


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