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DC establishments could face serious legal trouble if they shun Trump Cabinet like Maxine Waters says

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The liberal owners of the Lexington, Virginia-based Red Hen restaurant that booted White House press secretary Sarah Sanders may get away with the boorish behavior from a legal standpoint, but restaurants in Washington, D.C., better not mimic their actions.

With Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., looking to ramp up hostilities with a campaign of harassment and intimidation of Trump administration officials, it could be illegal for a restaurant in the Nation’s Capital to discriminate on the basis of political leanings, according to David Cole, National Legal Director of the ACLU.

Cole told the website Law & Crime public accommodations laws prohibit businesses  open to the public from discriminating against people based on certain characteristics, and while we recently learned in New York City political affiliations is not one of these qualities, he said the District of Columbia is one of just three jurisdictions that protect this status.

A Manhattan judge ruled in April that it’s not against the law for an establishment to refuse to serve a Trump supporter, ruling against Greg Piatek, who had filed a lawsuit against The Happiest Hour in New York City, claiming a bartender refused to serve him after seeing his red “Make America Great Again” Trump hat.

“Public accommodations laws vary from state to state (and city to city), but they generally bar businesses open to the public from refusing service to individuals based on certain protected characteristics,” Cole said.

But he added that “only three jurisdictions protect against discriminatory refusals of service based on political affiliation or opinion.”

Those three are the District of Columbia, Seattle [liberal self-preservation?] and the Virgin Islands.

Sanders confirmed that she was kicked out of the Virginia restaurant because she’s a member of the Trump administration.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was driven out of a D.C. restaurant by an angry socialist mob bent on not allowing her to “eat in peace” — one of these socialists being a Justice Department employee!

Because the hecklers do not appear to be affiliated with the restaurant and Nielsen chose to leave of her own accord, the establishment isn’t likely to face any legal issues.

Tom Tillison


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