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Sarah Jessica Parker and Al Sharpton go to war over tip policy, he calls her a clueless limousine liberal

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Liberal actress Sarah Jessica Parker is now effectively at war with loudmouth liberal activist and MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton over New York’s minimum wage law.

In a letter submitted months earlier to the state’s governor, Parker and 15 of her Hollywood peers demanded the state raise its minimum wage for restaurant servers. Why? To purportedly help women.

“Women deserve to earn a fair base wage so that the tips they still collect don’t come at a personal cost,” they wrote.

“A subminimum wage for a predominantly female workforce is linked to high rates of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry and prevents thousands of working women from achieving economic security,” they added, citing zero evidence to back up their hysterical #MeToo-equivalent claim.

But instead of earning the adoration of New York’s thousands of waitresses, Parker’s letter triggered massive backlash from waitresses and even Sharpton, who slammed “limousine liberals” like her during an event Saturday.


Hosted by Sharpton’s National Action Network non-profit, the event allowed him and several “restaurant owners of colors & wait-servers who are at risk of losing their livelihoods” to share their personal perspective on Parker’s demands.

“We do not want those who serve and work in our restaurants to be put out of work,” Sharpon boldly declared at the event.

“Those that have engaged in work as single parents and had to put their kids through school and put clothes on their back, and they were tips away from not being able to do that. Only those who are used to comfortable incomes can look at them with disregard. We cannot afford, because of limousine liberals who don’t understand an economy …”

Who would’ve ever thought Sharpton would become an opponent of minimum wage hikes!?

Despite the MSNBC host’s glaring hypocrisy, he was right about Parker’s demand: Minimum wage hikes invariably trigger layoffs — that’s an undeniable fact.

Plus, New York’s thousands of waitresses don’t even want a minimum wage hike, as they already earn plenty of money in tips!

“You’ve been misled that we earn less than minimum wage and that we’re somehow helpless victims of sexual harassment,” they wrote in a blistering letter submitted to Parker and her buddies back in late March. “Thank you for your concern. But we don’t need your help and we’re not asking to be saved.”


Now watch below as the counter-effort’s organizer, Maggie Raczynski, speaks with fellow industry workers about contacting their legislators to stop Parker’s plan from reaching fruition:

Here’s a parting “tip” for Sarah Jessica Parker, pun intended: Instead of sticking your nose in other people’s business and trying to solve their alleged problems, how about you work on fixing your own sordid community?

Vivek Saxena


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