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American children go to shelters, too. They’re separated from parents by state workers. Where’s the outrage?

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Despite all the hubbub over the Trump administration’s alleged mistreatment of detained illegal immigrant children, the fact remains that these minors are being treated just as well as —  and oftentimes significantly even better than — the American kids who live either in foster care, group homes, homeless shelters or on the streets.

Many of these kids are in shelters because their parents broke the law and landed in jail or because they put their children in danger. Both scenarios Democrats and average Americans don’t seem to oppose.

But when illegals do it, they get special treatment?

Here’s the video making rounds that depicts life at a detention center in California for illegal immigrant children. It clearly shows that these kids are cared for with every bit of the same compassion as our own American children sadly separated from their parents.

Here are some accompanying pictures:

Not bad, right?

Good food – check.

Decent accommodations – check.

They even get nice bed sheets.

They’re being treated as well as homeless American children whose parents have been locked up by the government, leaving them to fend for themselves.

There are no eligibility requirements for illegals. They simply enter the country illegally and voilà, they’re entitled to free food, water and housing at a federal detention facility.

Just imagine being one of the nearly 50,000 “unaccompanied homeless youth” (as in homeless American kids without guardians) who were either hopping from shelter to shelter or surviving on the streets in January of 2013. These unfortunate kids had nobody to rely on but themselves.

And just like the illegal immigrant children detained by the Trump administration, many of these kids had also been separated from their parents. But without extended family to take care of them, they had no other option but to hit the streets and shelters.

Yet instead of building more shelters for American children such as these, what are cities doing? Building more shelters for illegal immigrant children, according to The Washington Post.

Yet nowhere is there any mention in the mainstream media of the plight faced by America’s millions of homeless children. Why? Because the left-wing media is too busy tearing into the Trump administration for having the audacity to enforce federal immigration laws.



Vivek Saxena


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