Muslim rapper with ‘Jihad’ and ‘September 11th’ albums to perform at ‘scene of the Bataclan massacre’

DCNFAnders Hagstrom, DCNF

A Muslim rapper with albums titled “Jihad” and “September 11th” is scheduled to perform at France’s Bataclan concert hall, where radical Muslim terrorists gunned down 90 people in 2015.

The rapper, who goes by the stage name Medine, stirred outrage among the French political right after booking his October performance date at the theater, The Express Tribune reported. Medine has a long history of provocation, releasing a song about ‘crucifying secularists’ just days prior to the 2015 Charlie Hebdo killings. He’s also adopted the inverted “Nazi-like” salute pioneered by Dieudonné, a comedian who encouraged holocaust denial and claimed France is ruled by Jewish “slave drivers,” according to The Guardian.

“No French person can accept that this bloke pours out his filth at the scene of the Bataclan massacre,” said French right-winger Marine Le Pen. “We have had enough of complacency or worse, the incitement to Islamist fundamentalism!”

A hashtag that translates to #NoToMédineAtTheBataclan quickly took over French Twitter, and a petition from the far-right National Rally party, formerly the National Front, garnered more than 17,000 signatures calling for Medine’s performance to be canceled. The Bataclan’s owners are unlikely to budge, however, with Bataclan victim groups claiming the country’s far-right is using the performance to incite division. Medine himself also says he has never incited violence.

“For 15 years I have fought all forms of radicalization in my albums which has led to me being attacked by the extreme right and their supporters, who twist the meaning of my songs,” he told reporters.

French Senator Bruno Retailleau, who leads Republican opposition party, has called for Medine to be prosecuted for glorifying terrorism, the same charges leveled against Dieudonné in 2015.

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