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Geraldo Rivera has meltdown on Hannity over border crisis: ‘This is child abuse!’

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Liberal Fox News pundit Geraldo Rivera clashed with Sean Hannity while discussing the sudden media obsession with the longstanding border crisis.

“This is cruelty as policy! This is an obscenity!” Geraldo screamed. “This is the government of the United States and the president that we both love, advocating a system by which young children are torn from their mothers.”

Hannity said he doesn’t want illegal-immigrant families to be separated, but the Democrats are using the migrant children as pawns to play partisan politics. “It can be fixed tomorrow [if Congress passes an immigration-reform bill],” Hannity said.

Rivera then yelled about children “being torn from their parents” under President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy (which is basically enforcement of longstanding federal immigration law stating that anyone who illegally crosses the U.S. border will be prosecuted).

“We can’t condone this!” Geraldo screamed, even though he blithely ignored similar incidents that occurred during Barack Obama’s 8-year presidency. “The Republicans are the party of faith and family. When did we become the party of child abuse?”

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch responded to Geraldo’s hysterics by saying the border crisis has been a problem for decades, but liberals said nothing until now so they could hijack the issue to attack President Trump with it.

“The demagoguery and virtue-posturing are repulsive,” Farrell said. “This has been a problem that has been in existence for decades. The fact that the president wishes to enforce the law shouldn’t shock anyone.”

Farrell continued: “It can be fixed. It should be fixed, but anyone getting hysterical over ‘children being separated from their parents’ needs to realize that criminals are exploiting the children. That’s a fact.”


That’s when Geraldo exploded. “This is not hysterical!” Rivera yelled hysterically. “This is child abuse! How dare you! How dare you!”

Geraldo knows something about abuse. In May 2018, Geraldo’s son Cruz Rivera was arrested after allegedly beating up his ex-girlfriend in a fit of rage after she dumped him.

Cruz fathered three children with different women during his nine-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend, as BizPac Review has reported.

Cruz was charged with assault, criminal obstruction of breathing, and aggravated harassment. Geraldo responded by saying he’s “not angry with his son and supports him 100%.”

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