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‘Deep breaths, Kasie.’ NBC journo hit from all sides for completely unprofessional (and false) anti-Trump tweet

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An NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent used her platform to openly spew her personal view on the separation of families at the border.

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Kasie Hunt seemed a bit verbally challenged as she took to Twitter to declare that Congress was not responsible for the controversial immigration policy which temporarily separates children from supposed family members crossing the border illegally. Hunt laid the blame squarely on President Trump.

Family separations occurred under former President Obama’s eight years in office but liberals have unleashed their fury over the policy at the Trump administration, fueled by disturbing photos of ‘migrant’ children locked in “cages” that were circulated and blamed on President Trump’s “zero tolerance” enforcement of the border policy. The fact that the photos were actually taken under former President Obama’s administration seemed to make no difference to liberals who are all about bashing Trump.

Ben Shapiro, among others, schooled Hunt on the origins of the “problem” she referred to.

Others concurred that the controversy is rooted in a law enacted under a previous administration, and only being enforced by Trump.

Many others called out the blatant bias and Hunt’s attempt “to openly mislead the public.”

MSNBC’s Garrett Haake gave the NBC reporter some well-needed advice.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino was inspired by Hunt’s writing style.

And some Twitter users thought Hunt really needed a journalism refresher.


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