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Fans cheer Loesch’s reaction to Stephen Colbert gun parody of her. It was very ‘Dana.’

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Dana Loesch let the air out of Stephen Colbert’s hot air balloon after his parody of the NRA spokeswoman did not get the reaction he’d hoped for.

The late night show host took aim at the National Rifle Association with a parody video featuring an attempted Loesch look-alike advocating for canine gun rights.

The parody video on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” was based on a story of an Iowa man who said his dog accidentally shot him when he disengaged the safety and set off the owner’s handgun as the two were playing.

“The liberal media wants you to believe guns are dangerous, just because you can be shot by a dog,” the mock Loesch said in the video. “They want you to think it’s ridiculous to give a dog access to an automatic rifle. But here’s the thing—unless I’ve misread it, the Second Amendment guarantees the right for bears to have arms. And what’s a bear but a large dog?”

But instead of crying foul or getting offended – as liberals do – the real Dana Loesch dismantled the narrative with a simple response.

Twitter users applauded Loesch’s possession of a sense of humor while they called out Colbert for a predictable low.

Frieda Powers


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