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Tucker mocks the guy who maced his own eyes so brutally, you almost feel bad for him

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After watching a truly bizarre campaign video stunt, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson seriously wondered what else candidate Levi Tillemann is willing to do to get elected.

The Coloroado Democratic congressional candidate pulled a painful stunt on video to promote “non-lethal self-defense tools” for teachers.  Tillemann, a Denver businessman and a former Obama administration special adviser for policy and international affairs at the U.S. Department of Energy, sprayed himself in the face with pepper spray to tout the idea of arming teachers with pepper spray instead of guns.

Carlson declared that he found the video “inspiring,” commending the candidate for showing “total commitment” before asking if he would shave his eyebrows if that’s what it took to get elected.

Tillemann immediately launched in to his talking points, suggesting his pepper spray idea is more rooted in reality than the stance by the left to stop selling guns or the right which he claimed “want to play cowboys and Indians.”

Carlson told the Democrat he made “a fair point,” but advised him to “learn how to answer the question at hand” if he wants to be elected.

“Are you that committed?” Carlson asked, repeating  his question about shaving his eyebrows, which appeared to anger Tillemann.

“I came on this show to talk with you about serious issues,” he said, going on to spout statistics about school shootings.

“You’re almost in Congress just with the speech patterns,” Carlson noted, arguing that his question was a legitimate one.

“Is there anything that you wouldn’t do to get this job? And I think that commitment is what a lot of the voters are looking for,” the Fox News host said, to which Tillemann responded that it was “not a policy-relevant” question.

Carlson fired back, telling Tillemann that he “just staged a reality show” by macing himself in the eyes. “Would you be willing to tase yourself? Rubber bullets?”

“You’re not going to answer the question,” Carlson said.

“I think you’ve qualified yourself to Congress already. I’m this close to voting for you,” Carlson said, laughing as Tillemann went on talking.

“Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, Tucker,” the Democrat interrupted.

“I will answer a serious policy question,” he argued. “I dramatized a serious policy issue.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Carlson laughed. “Says the man who maced himself in the face.”

Frieda Powers


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