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Trump reveals what Melania gave him for his birthday as dishonest media reports she ‘skipped it’

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Because first lady Melania Trump neither spent her every waking moment with President Donald Trump nor mentioned him on social media during his birthday, the media quickly and falsely pushed its anti-Trump agenda by saying that she snubbed him.

“Melania Trump flew to New York for ‘meetings,’ skipping the president’s birthday,” reports Yahoo News, in one headline.

“Melania Trump’s Birthday Message For Donald Is Pretty Fitting,” one leftist at Elite Daily proudly announced Friday, adding that she was proud of the first lady for purportedly snubbing the president (rolling eyes).

“Why didn’t Melania Trump wish Donald happy birthday?” another at the Daily Express asked later that same day.


During an interview Friday morning with Fox News, the president made it clear that Melania most certainly did wish him a happy birthday Thursday and even gifted him with excessive kisses.


What she didn’t do is sit by his side all day pampering him like a mother might pamper her toddler on his birthday. Who does that?  Does anyone you know take the day off of work to follow their spouse around on his or her birthday … in the real world?

The first lady’s spokeswoman confirmed to People magazine that Melania “was in New York (with staff) Tuesday evening through midday Thursday” on a trip. It turns out that being a first lady involves busy schedules and hard work. Who knew? (Certainly not always former first lady Michelle Obama …)

Last weekend, for instance, Melania attended the Ford’s Theater’s annual gala in Washington, D.C., where she bestowed philanthropists Sheila C. Johnson and Jack Nicklaus with the theater’s prestigious Lincoln Medal.

Below is her awarding Johnson:

(Screengrab Melania Trump awarding Lincoln Medal to Sheila C. Johnson)

And below is her awarding Nicklaus:

(Screengrab Melania Trump awarding Lincoln Medal to Jack Nicklaus)

“I was honored to be part of such a special evening,” Melania said during remarks made at the gala. “Tonight reminds all of us about the power the arts have in cultivating the American voice.”

“Thank you to Ford’s Theatre Society for tonight, and your continued dedication to education and leadership in the arts — the impact they have on society is invaluable and something we will continue to cherish throughout time.”

The following afternoon Nicklaus expressed his gratitude to Melania and other participants of the previous evening’s gala:

As the first lady of the United States of America, Melania naturally leads a busy life that oftentimes keeps her away from her husband. While this happens to be as normal as apple pie, the media are simply unable to stop themselves from trotting out conspiracy theories.

The same thing happened after Melania briefly disappeared following her surgery last month. The media finally shut up with its inane speculating after the first lady dropped the hammer on them via social media:

Judging by the media’s latest antics, it appears it’s time for her to drop another hammer.

Vivek Saxena


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