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The left urgently tries to make hay out of awkward exchange in NoKo. But, take a closer look…

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North Korean television aired its first footage of the historic summit between its leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump.

Predictably, the president’s critics have latched onto a moment in the video footage to slam him for what they will probably add to their growing list of impeachable offenses.

While shaking hands with North Korean officials, a moment of confusion appeared to occur as a military official saluted Trump. The president, who had already extended his hand for a handshake, momentarily pulled it back to reciprocate the salute before finally shaking the officer’s hand.

Watching the exchange, it is clear to see what happened – but that didn’t stop the left from spinning their own version of the incident, accusing Trump of blatantly ignoring protocol while giving Kim Jong-un fuel for his propaganda machine.

The BBC got the ball rolling by making sure to point out the exact time of the awkward exchange:

Naturally, the video was edited, memes and screenshots portraying just the images needed to push the narrative began to pop up.

Never mind that Trump was stepping into a moment of history that he helped to create, and facing the challenges of language and culture barriers, critics were convinced of what they had seen.

But those not so easily fooled quickly called out the antics by the left.

Many recalled the backlash former President Obama received for his embarrassing bow when meeting the Saudi king in 2009.

Obama’s intentional bow cannot be compared to the moment of handshake versus salute confusion Trump encountered in Singapore. And many were clear about it in their defense of the president – and scathing rebuke of the critics.

*Update: 24 hours later, hysteria over the moment virtually disappeared. The left became fixated, foolishly believing they had a slam-dunk against Trump after the IG report’s release.

So much for the “outrage.”

Frieda Powers


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