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Don’t blink, or you might miss the best off-the-cuff insult Trump’s delivered to CNN yet

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President Trump strolled down the White House lawn to conduct a surprise interview with Fox & Friends on Thursday.

The far-reaching segment with Fox host Steve Doocy covered a lot of serious ground, but a quick dig at CNN was thankfully caught by Fox and shouldn’t be missed.

“You got to watch CNN, what a fraud it is” Trump said.

That’s when Doocy informed the president that some folks from CNN were standing right behind him.


“That’s fine.” Trump said before asking over his shoulders, “Did you hear me?”

The classic Trump moment was shared across social media and received accolades from those who share the president’s frustration with the biased media:


President Trump had another confrontation with the media when a CBS reporter grilled him over North Korea:


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