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‘Clinically insane?’ NY Times taken to the woodshed for piece claiming IG report proof ‘Trump is lying’

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The much-anticipated report from the Justice Department’s internal watchdog had many bombshell takeaways but The New York Times found one it proudly announced.

The report’s real message, according to an op-ed by David Leonhardt published Thursday, is that President Trump “is lying.”

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Despite multiple findings in the damning inspector general report, including that fired FBI chief James Comey was “insubordinate,” and FBI agent Peter Strzok showed a “willingness to take official action” to affect the presidential election, Leonhardt claimed the most important question addressed by the report was whether the DOJ and FBI “used their power” to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign while trying to hurt Trump’s.

According to the New York Times opinion piece:

In the lead-up to the report, Trump’s allies agreed that this was paramount. “The central question in my opinion,” David Bossie, Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, wrote this week on the Fox News website, “is did Hillary Clinton and her cronies get preferential treatment in her email server investigation for political reasons?”

And the report’s answer is clear: No.

Federal investigators and prosecutors did not give preferential treatment to Clinton. They pursued the case on the merits. They were guided by, as the inspector general’s report puts it, “the prosecutor’s assessment of the facts, the law, and past Department practice.”


It seems perhaps Leonhardt may have read a different report. Or, more likely, he was hoping readers take his word for what the report concluded, rather than read it themselves.

“Now that the report has been released, Trump and his allies are trying to confuse people about what it actually said. The White House and loyal media organizations like Fox News are mixing the report’s subjects to make it sound much better for Trump than it really is,” he wrote.

“The real story of the report is quite different. It finds that Trump’s claims of a “rigged system” to protect Clinton are outright fabrications. They are, as is so often the case with Trump, lies,” he concluded.

But the Times’ attempt to prove Trump is lying only ended up backfiring.

It seems the more the liberals attack Trump, the more they show their true colors and inability to objectively report the news.

Frieda Powers


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