Watch Ted Cruz hilariously prep for his one-on-one showdown against Jimmy Kimmel

DCNFEvie Fordham, DCNF

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas tweeted a humorous video of himself practicing for a one-on-one charity basketball game against television host Jimmy Kimmel in Houston on Saturday.

The video, set to the theme of “Chariots of Fire,”  shows Cruz dropping the ball while dribbling, then missing all five of the shots he takes. Then there’s a slow motion segment.

“Are you scared yet?” he asked Kimmel in the caption to the Twitter video.

The basketball game has a more serious mission: donations to charities in Houston. Cruz will donate $5,000 to Texas Children’s Hospital if Kimmel wins, while Kimmel will donate the same amount to anti-poverty nonprofit Generation One, Inc., if Cruz wins. Tickets to the game are free, so attendees are encouraged to donate to one of the charities.

An insult by Kimmel sparked the mostly friendly competition, which has been dubbed “The Blobfish Basketball Classic.” Kimmel said Cruz looked like “a blobfish” during a monologue on his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in late May.

Cruz responded with a tweet asking Kimmel to settle things “man-to-man” with a game of hoops, and the rest is history.

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