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No apologies. Candace Owens defends #MeToo criticism after some Conservatives jump to crucify her

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Candace Owens found herself at the receiving end of heavy backlash after remarks about #MeToo that even conservatives condemned.

The Turning Point USA communications director attacked the #MeToo movement in a tweet on Monday claiming that it treats women as “stupid, weak & inconsequential.”

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Owens came under serious fire for her words leading to one conservative group pulling out of Turning Point’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit.

Owens may have been attempting to slam feminists and activists for taking over the #MeToo movement and making women feel weak, but many felt her words seemed to imply that the victims were at fault. The movement, which started in response to sexual assault allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, is rather a way for victims to elevate their voices and be heard.

The conservative environmentalist group, American Conservative Coalition, revoked its sponsorship of the Young Women’s Leadership Summit, announcing it was pulling out of the four-day conference for young, conservative women due to Owens’ words.

Many others took to Twitter to condemn the remarks by Owens.

Editor for The Daily Caller and Catholic Vote columnist, Amber Athey, spoke out against the Owens’ “ignorant take.”

The Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks condemend the “bad tweet” by Owens.

As did the Herald Sun’s Rita Panahi and Judicial Watch’s Jerry Dunleavy, an alum of Sen. Ted Cruz’ presidential campaign.

Owens did not address the controversy in a follow-up tweet.

Turning Point’s executive director and founder Charlie Kirk addressed the controversy with the group’s members in messages leaked to Mediaite.

“Candace is a rockstar for conservatives and our movement,” Kirk wrote. “Don’t publicly go after allies. Message her here, message her privately, email her if you disagree.”

Owens reportedly also addressed the group in the chat, asking that Turning Point activists publicly defend her.

Owens also took to Periscope, posting a live stream in which she called out #MeToo as “a witch hunt on men.” Owens criticized the movement for “sowing division between men and women,” and called out those who “think I should apologize for not supporting movements that ultimately promote division.”

“I never once in my tweet said that rape victims are weak, you know? That’s a reading comprehension thing,” she said.  “I said that the #MeToo movement was weak and that it was causing more harm than good and I stand by those sentiments. I think that all of these movements which may have been started off of something that was very authentic are now weak. I think that the greatest example is that the #MeToo movement has ultimately become a witch hunt on men.”

Owens was not without online support, however, as many had no problem understanding her intentions and the real message she was trying to get across about #MeToo. Twitter users came to her defense and criticized the knee-jerk reactions, especially from the American Conservative Coalition.

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