Trump makes a fat joke before photo-op, Kim Jong Un’s ‘reaction’ sends libs over-the-edge

President Trump sent liberals into hysteria (again) when he made a lighthearted quip in front of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

The two were getting ready to take photos before lunch, when Trump said he hoped the pictures would make them look “nice and handsome and thin.”

With a language barrier, it’s not certain if Kim Jong Un understood what Trump had said. And even if had understood the words, it’s not clear if he would have interpreted them as a joke due to cultural differences.

Either way, the reclusive NoKo leader’s expression provided enough fodder for the left to run with it:

Relax, it’s going to be OK.

Trump supporters, however,  saw the quip as a refreshing moment and some light-hearted fun:

It’s a new era… in many ways.


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