Liz Warren haunted by ceaseless memory of Trump’s inauguration: ‘Burned into the back of my eyeballs’

Trump Derangement Syndrome is taking its toll on Sen. Elizabeth Warren if her latest tale is to be believed.

President Trump’s Inauguration has had lasting physical effects on Warren, as she admitted that the memory was “burned into the back of my eyeballs.”


Warren, who is rumored to be a presidential contender in 2020, was speaking at an ACLU conference in her home state of Massachusetts. She warned the group that U.S. democracy is ‘under attack’ and said she only went to Trump’s inauguration because she couldn’t come to grips that it was actually happening.

“I wanted to see it with my own eyes. I thought it was important,” Warren said. “And I was right. It is now burned into the backs of my eyeballs.”

Warren rallied the crowd by telling them that they hold the power to stop Trump.

“I look out here and I see Donald Trump’s worst nightmare,” she said.

Warren also tried to spin the incessant memory of Trump’s inauguration into a rallying cry.

“Every time I get tired, every time I get discouraged, I close my eyes, Donald Trump is being sworn in as President. I’m back!

“I’m in the game, ready to fight,” she said.

Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz has slammed the ACLU for being little more than a ‘partisan, hard-left group’ that doesn’t care about civil rights. Which is why they loved Warren’s hyperbole:

Trump supporters on the other hand…


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