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Liberals can learn a lot from Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Donald Trump

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We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore, as Kim Kardashian West is being held up as an example for liberals to emulate.

New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz pointed to President Trump commuting the sentence of first-time drug offender Alice Johnson, who served 21 years of a life sentence without possibility of parole, which Kardashian pushed for during an Oval Office meeting with the president.


“Her meeting provoked anger and confusion among Trump’s critics,” she wrote. “But what it should have done is showed them the error of their ways: Engaging Trump has rewards. Whining to the universe about him doesn’t.”

In plugging her column on Twitter, Markowicz noted that Trump is not your typical president and if you’re actually looking for change, as opposed to seeking attention, it makes no sense to protest him as if he is.

Paging Robert De Niro.

“As I point out in my column, all these celebs tweeting, protesting, cursing pretend they are being “political” but they are accomplishing exactly zero and they like it that way  It’s all just for show,” Mrkowicz tweeted.

Speaking of which, Markowicz offered a take on the actor’s Tony performance: “When you hate Trump’s vile language but love Robert DeNiro’s.”

The columnist details how the left complained that Kardashian was being used to provide Trump a photo-op, explaining that to the anti-Trump crowd, any meeting with the president would surely be toxic.

“These writers, and so many others like them, needed this meeting to fail,” Markowicz noted. “If it didn’t, other celebrities might start visiting the White House to push their issues, which would be terrible because, well, no one is really sure why that would be terrible but everyone is sure it would be.”

She goes on to accurately say “having the ear of the president is a rare opening,” that Trump is not an ideologue and, unlike other presidents, is “far more persuadable.”

“He seems entirely likely to hear out his opponents if they are respectful and polite toward him,” Markowicz said.

In her optimism of the possibility of a favorable outcome, Markowisc even suggested vile comedian Samantha Bee, who recently called Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka, a “feckless c*nt,” could take a meeting in an attempt to change policy.

Nah. That just may be a bridge too far, considering Bee encouraged Ivanka to seduce her father.

And while the column was met with the expected venom on the left…


There was positive responses from those looking for improvement in our political discourse:



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