Candace Owens calls out ‘The Ellen Show’ producers who ‘stalked and insulted’ her repeatedly

While conservative commentator Candace Owens may not be surprised by liberal backlash against her, she certainly doesn’t intend to remain silent when she is targeted.

The Turning Point USA communications director unloaded Sunday on producers of the Ellen Show who had “stalked and insulted” her repeatedly.

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Owens blasted Ellen DeGeneres, the star and host of the show, for the hypocrisy as she is a “woman who regularly champions bullying as one of her biggest societal concerns.”


Ellen’s executive producer, Ed Glavin, issued an apology of sorts to Owens, but the 28-year-old pro-Trump, conservative activist was not buying it.

Owens concluded with a final shot at “all @TheEllenShow producers,” who “lay claim to the moral high ground” while hurling attacks at those who “who simply hold different ideas.”

Her unapologetic calling out was echoed loudly on Twitter.

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