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Allah showed NY Times the real reason for Second Amendment. Finally.

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Could The New York Times finally be getting the Second Amendment?

A recent story by the publication about American Muslims “and their guns” appeared to be aimed at jabbing gun owners.

(U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Tammie Ramsouer)

But the headline and tweet promoting the story just seemed to have the opposite effect.

In fact, much of the story seemed to reinforce what gun owners with legally owned firearms, and proponents of the Second Amendment, have been saying all along.

“Muslim gun owners are viewed with suspicion by gun stores, ranges and clubs, and occasionally met with harassment,” the post shared, declaring that the Muslims interviewed for the piece said “their decision to own guns was simply a matter of exercising their hard-earned rights.”

A Tampa resident and executive director of CAIR Florida was quoted as saying he is “not a reckless gun enthusiast,” and “reluctantly owns these tools for purposes of self-defense.”

Another man from Ohio was featured as being someone who “likes to collect guns.” This is apparently not a problem as long as you are the discriminated against minority the New York Times is defending.

“I have a few rifles and a few handguns,” Ahmad Aboukar, who has a concealed-carry permit, said. “These rifles I picked specifically for intended uses: One could be collector value, another one could be self-defense, and a third could be just to have for the heck of having, to try something else out.”

No telling if what the Times was really trying to achieve worked, but Twitter users continued to react.

Frieda Powers


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