‘Jesus would have baked that cake’ church sign turns heads as bullies savage Masterpiece Cakeshop reviews

The hateful bullying against Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips began almost immediately after the Supreme Court ruled in his favor Monday.

In a resounding win for religious liberty, the court dismissed a lower court’s punitive ruling against the Colorado baker, arguing that the lower court had erred in trying to punish Phillips for having refused to prepare a custom wedding cake for a gay couple.

While the Supreme Court stopped short of setting an official precedent for future religious liberty cases, it at least it cut one proud Christian a break. But that break literally began and ended in court, in that the rest of the world had other ideas in mind.

In Colorado’s capital city of Denver, for instance, one church posted a blasphemous sign in what appeared to be a purposeful attempt to bully Phillips into submission.

“Jesus would have baked that cake,” the sign outside South Broadway Christian Church reads.

“Jesus worked with folks on the periphery of society, mistreated and marginalized. Those folks are the ones he welcomes the most,” Dustin Adkins, the church pastor who proudly posted the sign after SCOTUS’ ruling Monday, said to local station KVUE.

Would Jesus have approved of one pastor trying to shame another pastor for merely standing up for his Christian beliefs?

But Adkins’ subtle brand of bullying paled in comparison to what Phillips’ maniacal critics wrote to him and his family on Yelp, a crowd-sourced review website.

“Giving a one-star review because the menu doesn’t include ‘hatred and bigotry’ as options,” wrote one left-wing reviewer.

“Food made with hate does not taste good. This establishment is homophobic,” added another.

Those were the “nice” ones …

Here’s one of the not-so-nice ones:

(Screengrab from Yelp)

Hundreds of equally negative and disparaging reviews currently line Masterpiece Cakeshop’s Yelp page, all because leftists refuse to accept that American citizens like Jack Phillips, among millions of others, possess a right to religious liberty. To them his religious liberty makes him a bigot guilty of discrimination. But this case had nothing to do with discrimination.

“I don’t create cakes for Halloween,” Phillips explained in a statement to the media. “I wouldn’t create a cake that was anti-American or that would be disparaging against anybody for any reason, even cakes that would disparage people who identify as LGBT.”

Nor has he ever refused to sell cakes to any gay customers. All he did was refuse to design a custom cake for a gay wedding, as he preferred not to participate in a wedding that’d violate his Christian beliefs.

“It’s not about turning away these customers, it’s about doing a cake for an event — a religious sacred event — that conflicts with my conscience,” the baker said last year.

Who’s the real bully and discriminator — the guy who politely refused to bake a custom cake for a gay wedding, or the throngs of belligerent critics who’re willing to call him every name in the book just because he won’t do as he’s told? #FoodForThought

Vivek Saxena


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