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Feminist bookstore featured in famous TV comedy closes its doors, blames white people

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A volunteer-operated feminist bookstore is slated to be shuttered at the end of June, and according to its current “owners,” the blame lies entirely on the shoulders of white people.

In a statement published last week, the owners of the Oregon-based In Other Words bookstore explained that the business was originally launched by white people. But despite efforts to “reform” the business by apparently ridding it of its whiteness, the feminists failed.

“The current volunteers and board members stepped into and took over a space that was founded on white, cis feminism (read: white supremacy),” they wrote. “It’s really difficult, actually, impossible, for us to disentangle from that foundational ideology.”

They added that through their efforts, they realized that “reform doesn’t work” — only “abolition” does.

“Patriarchy, White Supremacy, Capitalism cannot be reformed and ever serve the people. Abolition is the goal,” they argued.

And that’s why they’ve decided to shutter the store. They also cited “increased expenses” and a “lack of funds, volunteers and board members,” but they placed most of the blame on white people, of course.

Founded in Portland exactly 25 years ago, the bookstore began as an effort “to strengthen resistance against a culture of oppression.” What does that have to do with selling books?

The bookstore got its big break a couple years back, when an extremely popular sketch comedy shown known as “Portlandia” offered the feminists a chance at national fame. The show wanted to use their bookstore as the set for some of its sketches, and the feminists initially agreed.

Though the bookstore was renamed to “Women and Women First” in “Portlandia,” In Other Words’s appearance in the top-rated show still provided the feminists with a great chance to promote their business.

Here’s a hilarious clip from one of those episodes:

The episode obviously made fun of feminists by portraying them as humorless shrews, but the show was supposed to be funny; it was comedy, after all.

Except the real-life feminists owner of In Other Words threw a temper tantrum over it in 2016, accusing “Portlandia” of fueling gentrification and being “trans-antagonistic and trans-misogynist,” whatever that means, and discontinuing their relationship with the show.

Two years later the bookstore is now being shuttered because few people seem interested in shopping there. Why might that be?

It might be because the store’s wacky owners hate white people and want to abolish capitalism. Or it might be because the store’s owners have the same sense of humor as a corpse. Either way, it doesn’t look like these feminists will be having the last laugh, let alone any laugh.

Vivek Saxena


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